Here are a few diary dates:


Feb 27 to 1 March.  Visiting Norway (Stavanger) and Denmark (Copenhagen) re co-operation in North Sea mapping.

April 2.  Visit of delegation from Chinese Oceanological Society.

July 21.  Paper Board for my replacement as District Geologist CSU 2.

July 22 to August 14.  Leave.  Visit to Jard and return via Cherbourg

October 27.  KC Dunham lectures the Edinburgh Royal Society, arriving very late.

December 12.  Dinner with Edinburgh Sub-Aqua club.

December 19.  Attend KC Dunham retiral ceremony. 


January 23.  First occupation of Murchison House – moved into completed Level 5.

March15 to 28.  Visit to Vancouver with Lucette.

May 21.  Full occupation of Murchison House.  Moved down to Level 3.

July 9.  Nicole graduation.

August 12 to 16 September.  Visit to Australia with Lucette.

October 12 to 15.  Visit with Highland and Islands Unit to Barra and Benbecula.


March 15.  Formal hand over of Murchison House by builders.

June 14.  Official opening of Murchison House.

August 20.  Nicole wedding.

October 17 to 18.  Diving in Strangford Loch, North Ireland.

December 2.  Funeral of William Bullerwell.


February 2.  Gave lecture to Edinburgh Masons.

July 10 to 14.  Week with Highlands and Islands Unit in Highlands.

July 15 to 17.  Visit Duffs in Ardnamurchan.

August 15 to September 1.  Leave.

September 16.  Robert David went to Iran.

September 25 to 30.  Visit to potential sites for radioactive waste disposal.

October 30.  Herman Bondi to lunch in Merchison House.

December 24 to 26.  Holiday at Crieff Hydro with Grandpa.


March 10.  Handed Grandpa over to Richard and Elsie at Scotch Corner.

March 15 to April 13.  Holiday in Grand Bahama and Turtle Cay.

June 17 to 23.  Sail training cruise out of Ullapool with Lucette.

August 2 to 6.  Diving with CSU 2 at Loch Madee, Uig.

August 17 to 20. Visit Duffs in Ardnamurchan.

September 3 to 7.  BA meeting in Edinburgh, including reception at Murchison House on September 4.

November 2 to 4. Visit Duffs in Ardnamurchan.

December 23 to January 2.  Holiday in Paris and chez Monette in Lyon.

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