Two adjoining villas at Jard, on the Vendee Coast, owned by two French sisters, Marcelle and Suzanne.

People Who Do Not Appear

Lucette, wife of the Author, Suzanne and Marcelle.

People Who Appear

Jackie, son of Suzanne and his wife, Evelyn, and 36 Oysters.

This is the secret story of my 28, or perhaps I should say 36, oysters – it is secret because I have no wish to be pressurised into explaining the rationale of its denouement, and note I did not say, ‘explaining to the peasants’.

It started with the arrival of Jacky and Evelyn at chez Suzanne, Avenue du Plumat, Jard, on the evening of Saturday 2nd June 2001 for a one day visit. They did not come for the purpose of eating oysters, but twenty four hours is no more than twenty four hours and an important secondary reason – a deciding reason if you like – for a visit by any red blooded French male to Jard is to eat oysters if he can possibly fit it in.  It is not fair to say Jard has no other attractions, but the oyster eating potential ranks high.

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