The daily round is the quasi-mechanical process of keeping going in the hope of receiving future endorphin fixes, and these endorphin fixes are automatic chemically induced rewards which the animal provides to itself for what it views as satisfactory behaviour.  I am talking of us all.  Humans, rabbits, earthworms, red spiders, bacteria – we are all in it together;  and by extension plants too, in their un-animal way.

One aspect of this – usually low key – daily round is that it takes place in a context which is perceived by each one of us on a highly selective need-to-know basis.  In its own way the runner bean knows about warmth and light, about soil chemistry, and about the need to waggle its leading shoot until the necessary support is found.  The bat knows about echolocation.  The young urban human male knows about particular body decorations and modes of comportment required to achieve the endorphin fixes flowing from togetherness with its fellows and reproduction of its species.

It is unsatisfactory to use humans as exemplars since human perception is warped by a gross anthropomorphic twist – by what possible logic can it be deduced that there is something different in kind about a flabby primate with a slight edge on the others in terms of the size of its nervous system?

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