Thoughts on a problem in the loft

God, many of us are inclined to agree – theist and pantheist alike – is Love.  Starting from this premise, and as far a possible ridding ourselves of all slanted thinking, the mouse poses an unkind dilemma not only to us but to all thinking life at all times in every corner of the cosmos.

We know well enough that the physics of the cosmos has to be inexorable.  If we build our innocent house on the slopes of an active volcano we will reap the consequences, whether or no God be Love.  We know, too, that – for the present at least – life must feed on life; we have no means of carrying a chlorophyll factory with us on our daily round.  We think we know something even about the place of evil in the scheme of things; that it is the heat which keeps the pot of life on the boil, preventing it seizing up into some immovable gel from which there could be no more change.

Despite knowing of all these shady aspects of the mechanics of being, God, we repeat, is Love.  All things are One Thing.  It is not for nothing that we feel it in the sunset and the silence; or that the Einsteins can glimpse it as they reach out for that Grand Universal Theory which is the mathematical expression of this feeling built into every atom of our corporeal life.

God being Love, and all things being the matter of God, we will respect all things.  We will not wilfully crush a beetle; we will not flinch in obediently eating up our bacon, or at the very least our muesli; deep in our hearts we will understand the nature of evil, although to keep our own order intact we will resist it in every way; if we are attacked we will defend ourselves, because to do otherwise would be to opt out.

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