A Whisper of Dreamers

Adventurers, Explorers, Lovers of Life

A Whisper of Dreamers

Adventurers, Explorers,

Lovers of Life

Passion is something we are all born with. Finding your own, let alone having the luxury of pursuing it, is a lifelong journey. On rabeden.com, we present a selection of dreamers and adventurers, passionate people who possessed a drive that channelled them into a life of exploration of their own dreams. Perhaps they were never lauded or raised to a high platform, but their contribution to our collective genius cannot be doubted.

Proudly Presenting

Robert Eden

1920 – 2008

Robert always considered himself to have been lucky to have been born in a moment of history in which technological innovation was blossoming. Not only did he find himself on the edge of many revolutions, he was also cast into a world on the edge of war.

Rodolfo Álvarez Santaló

1935 – 2008

Rodolfo was a native of Andalucia and a gifted surgeon based in Osuna. However, his passion was  expressing himself by his art. Considered to be one of the school of painters known as Malagan, of which Picasso was a driving force and a personal hero, Rodolfo explored his soul through his art.

Sparks of Genius

Humanity engenders a wealth of creative genius. But, in many cases, the fruits of this genius are forgotten about and never see the light of day. Rabeden.com has been created as not only a platform on which to highlight the works of someone whose genius remained under a bushel throughout his or her life, but for others whose genius should be showcased.

If you are the proud owner of the copyright of the creative works of someone who was (or is) an artistic, literary or creative giant, and would like some of their works to be shown to the world, please get in touch. We will be only too happy to check it out.

We have two levels of cooperation:

Simple Cooperation (SC), which involves showcasing creative material in its entirety. Anyone who owns the copyright of creative material and wishes to expose it to the world can have one of these accounts.

Advanced Cooperation (AC), which involves showcasing a sample of creative material, with the rest hidden behind a paywall.

Neither of these accounts costs anything unless someone in the wild ether expresses a commercial interest.

We really look forward to hearing from you!

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In an increasingly polarised world, it’s comforting to know that some people seek to pursue their passion peacefully.

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Nowadays, anyone who wants to can take a shot at being a superstar by publishing their own website highlighting their own passion. But what about those passionate people who have gone before? What about those who don’t actively seek the limelight or are too shy to promote themselves? Here, we hope to provide a small corner of the Internet where genius can be displayed.

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