We all know a Genius!

People are intelligent, creative, thoughtful and amazing. But, the creative work of many people whose lifespan embraced a time in which the Internet was not available have often been neglected and forgotten.


Our main objective is to ensure that those works of creative genius that were not lucky enough to have achieved popular success, simply because their creator was not seeking fortune or fame, are displayed for all those who may be interested to see.


We always welcome new material to be published on our website, which has been created to showcase creative material that has not enjoyed widespread release but that, in the opinion of you, the copyright owner and, us the people who run rabeden.com should be provided with more exposure, simply for its cultural value and its contribution to our collective understanding of the world around us.


Let us show off the creative treasure you hold. For more information, see below.


Simple Cooperation

Advanced Cooperation


Let us publish your treasure:

You can send us a sample of any creative material using the submission form provided.

Once we have received it, we’ll let you know and will assess it to see whether or not it is suitable for publication on our site.

We reserve the right to decide which material is showcased on our website.

The creative material you send us, and we accept, will be made available on our site.

There’s More!!

If someone visiting our website demonstrates an interest in publishing or promoting any of your creative material showcased to a wider audience, you retain complete control.

So, if you are in possession of any creative material of any sort by a hidden genius, and you would like to see it published, please let us know.

The Value of Creativity:

Sometimes it’s good to keep a little bit back, to give a taster and a promise of greater things. No only can you publish all of the works you hold, you can also publish a teaser, with the rest being hidden behind a paywall.

To to this, follow these steps:

  1. Send us a sample of the creative material using the form provided.
  2. This will be assessed by us and, if we will let you know if we will publish it on rabeden.com.
  3. We promise to let you know as such as soon as possible whether it has been accepted for publication.
  4. If your creative material is accepted for publication on rabeden.com, an introductory sample of the content of each item of the creative material submitted and accepted will be shown and the rest will be hidden behind a barrier, as shown in this example.

Please read the full Terms and Conditions, so that there are no surprises.

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